Power Vinyasa


A Power Vinyasa class is an athletic style of yoga with powerful vinyasa sequences that build in intensity and are focused on linking movement with breath, and are enhanced with modern music. Both Level I and All Levels classes are held in a warm room heated up to 88 degrees. Level I classes have a slower pace with foundational poses and are great for the beginner or for the advanced yogi to refine the basics. All level classes are designed to challenge any student — the newer student can stay within the basic poses while those more familiar with vinyasa yoga can explore more advanced poses and transitions to advance in their practice.


Vinyasa classes are generally offered at a slower pace and with a different flow than a Power Vinyasa class. Many of our vinyasa teachers also use the practice of chanting as a way to open the heart and connect to each other through sound and vibration. Classes are vigorous, yet compassionate sequences of poses linked by breath and enhanced by music. These classes will leave you sweaty, energized, and relaxed at the same time.  Both Level I and All Levels classes are held in a warm room heated up to 88 degrees.

Yin & Nidra


Yin is the perfect compliment to a more active power flow practice. Challenging in different ways, this class focuses on opening connective tissues and major joints in the body. Poses are held for longer periods to open your body and allow moments of stillness and awareness. The studio is at room temperature and classes are complemented with gentle music. 

Yoga Nidra is yogic sleep, the state between waking and sleeping. The focus on class is to surrender, listen, and enter a deep state of relaxation. Yoga Nidra has been found to have vast medical benefits including reduction in anxiety, PTSD and tension. Wear soft comfortable clothing and bring your own blanket if you'd prefer.