Hip Hop Vin&Yin Workshop


Date: The Last Friday of every month, next workshop: July 28th

Time 8-10pm

Breath, Movement, and Hip Hop!

Join Romel and Melody in a class designed to connect three healing practices in one powerful experience. This 2 hour workshop will start with a powerful Vinyasa flow designed to build heat and engage the physical body, and end in a gentle yin practice designed to release energy and relax the muscles. 

Come, be immersed in music with us. 

Member cost: $20

Non-member cost: $25

Bring a mat, towel and a water bottle. 

Date: Monday July 17th

Time: 8-9pm

Get Grounded! The first chakra is located a the base of the spine and connected to your sense of security in the world.  It is also your ability to be fearless, even in the fact of fear. Join us to dive deep into exploring your First Chakra through the practices of asana, pranayama, Kriya and mantra. Register here.

Member cost: $20

Non Member cost: $25