Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training


Firefly Yoga International

September 27-29


Join Firefly Yoga International in Sacramento, CA for an intimate, 3-day teacher training in trauma-informed yoga.

Registration is now open for the Firefly Training in trauma-informed yoga at RAW Yoga Center.

Sept 27-29, 2019

8:00AM-4:30PM Friday through Sunday
Every day includes a one-hour lunch break.

Early bird $399 (Through September 15 2019)
Regular $450 (As of September 16, 2019)

Interest-free payments plans are available upon request. Email for details.


Connect with a community of empowered and embodied yoga teachers who understand yoga and conscious activism can be a means of achieving greater social justice. Gain a deeper understanding of how trauma-informed yoga can be a powerful body-based healing tool for those who have experienced trauma. Learn skills, exercises, and techniques to support emotional self-regulation, body awareness, compassionate communication, and holistic healing of your self and others.

The Firefly Training consists of a robust, evidence-based, 30-hour curriculum designed in consult with experts in trauma, trauma-informed yoga, and body-based modes of healing. Over three days, the training combines lecture, small and large group discussion, group activities, practice teaching, and trauma-informed yoga, meditation, and relaxation exercises. The training consists of 25 contact hours and 5 non-contact hours.

Topics covered include:
*Trauma-informed yoga as a public health intervention
*Science of trauma and its impact on the physical, mental, and emotional body
*How yoga can support recovery from trauma symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder
*Foundations of teaching trauma-informed yoga
*Creating a trauma-informed environment
*Trauma-informed sequencing, cueing, and variations
*Power, privilege, and social justice in trauma-informed work
*Self-care and conscious activism
*How to create and promote trauma-informed programs

Upon completion of this training, yoga teachers have the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to offer trauma-informed yoga classes to a variety of populations in a safe and effective manner. As over half of all individuals have experienced some form of physical or emotional trauma, the skills gained in the Firefly Training are applicable in any yoga class.

Contact for more details on the Firefly Training, or visit our website:


Kids Yoga Teacher Training


Erin Calkins & Tami Staisitis

If every eight year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.

– His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Can you imagine a world where our children are taught that internal reflection is more powerful than outwardly reaction? We are on a mission to create this world, but we can’t do it alone - we need you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kids yoga is on the rise as the world recognizes that the benefits of this practice aren’t just for adults; kids are getting something great out of it too! Stress management, mindfulness, increased concentration, and healthy, non-competitive movement are all ways that yoga is supporting the growth and healthy development of our youth.

Teaching kids yoga is flexible, it's in demand, and it’s, well…fun. It’s a TON of fun.

In this training, we'll break this practice of yoga into bite sized chunks that kids can easily digest and apply to their lives. During our weekend together we will give you every single thing you need to show up in a room of six year olds (or three year olds, or ten year olds) and own it. You'll learn games, animal poses, sneaky yoga tricks, pre-made lesson plans, books, songs, business guidance, meditations, prop ideas, room arrangement - all of it, we got you.

Key Course Takeaways:

  • 30+ page manual with descriptions and photos of kids yoga poses, lesson plans for different age groups, games, the best kids yoga books, music, our favorite props, classroom incorporation techniques and more!

  • An entire section on the business of yoga; Tami & Erin will outline the steps it takes to create and manage a successful kids yoga business whether you're interested in teaching at a studio, teaching as a part of an after school program or creating something all your own!

  • 30 minutes of consulting with either Tami or Erin! We call this the 'now what?" part. After the training, you can connect with Tami or Erin about any lingering questions on starting a kids yoga business, giving feedback on kids yoga lesson plans, assistance in finding opportunities in the area or feedback on specific teaching goals.

  • Lifetime access to a kids yoga class Video

  • Online connection with your community of teacher trainees

  • 15 CEU with Yoga Alliance.

  • Official certification confirming your completion of the program.


10% early bird discount available through July 31st

Option to break your payments up over three months* 

Please send any questions about the training to:, or about pricing options to

About the Teachers

Tami and Erin have a combined 16 years of experience teaching kids yoga between them. Tami is an elementary school teacher who also runs an after-school kids yoga program and is mama to a deeply adorable one year old boy. Erin is a mom to two little ladies (three and four years old) and is currently teaching weekly toddler yoga classes, weekly yoga for young girls aged 8-13, as well as regular adult vinyasa classes.

Tami and Erin have led Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings for over six years while also regularly teaching kids yoga classes. Their outstanding content has been adapted for use in pediatric occupational and physical therapy settings and their program outline replicated by many successful studios.

*Early bird discount does not apply to payment plans. Training must be paid in full before students are granted a completion certificate and course credit.

Hip Hop Vin & Yin Workshop

Date & Time: Last Friday of every month  8-10pm

Breath, Movement, and Hip Hop!

Join Romel and Melody in a class designed to connect three healing practices in one powerful experience. This 2 hour workshop will start with a powerful Vinyasa flow designed to build heat and engage the physical body, and end in a gentle yin practice designed to release energy and relax the muscles. 

Come, be immersed in music with us. 

Member cost: $20

Non-member cost: $25

Bring a mat, towel and a water bottle.