30 Days to GROW

Dates: November 24th- December 23rd.

25 ways in 30 days! Join us for this free* challenge during the holiday season this year. Show up for yourself, and others, by dedicating time to your mat and your community.

*classes and workshops must be paid for with membership, passes, or drop-in fees


Boxes must be initialed and dated by a RAW team member.
Only one box may be completed per day, there are 30 days to complete 25 boxes.
BINGO cards must stay posted in studio for the duration of the challenge
Applies only to Members or paid students.


  • Get a line or column: win an essential oil sample and a raffle ticket for a RAW tank top
  • Get a T or an X: win 50% off a workshop (up to $25 value) and a raffle ticket for a free annual membership ($999 value)
  • Fill all 25 boxes: win a free workshop (up to $50 value) and a raffle ticket for a free Yoga Teacher Training ($3,500 value)

First Yogi to get a line or column wins a meal for 2 from City Kitchen.

First Yogi to get a T or an X wins a new pair of pants from Bueno Sport and Swim

First Yogi to fill all 25 boxes gets a RAW hoodie and a new mat.

Hip Hop Vin&Yin Workshop

Date: November 24th, 2017

Time 8-10pm

Breath, Movement, and Hip Hop!

Join Romel and Melody in a class designed to connect three healing practices in one powerful experience. This 2 hour workshop will start with a powerful Vinyasa flow designed to build heat and engage the physical body, and end in a gentle yin practice designed to release energy and relax the muscles. 

Come, be immersed in music with us. 

Member cost: $20

Non-member cost: $25

Bring a mat, towel and a water bottle. 

Let go of 2017 go in a powerful, intentional way surrounded by community.

2 hour Power Vinyasa Workshop designed to release the old year while bringing in new energy for 2018.

Includes meditation, facilitated discussion and exercises, 60 minute practice with powerful healing and energizing chants, and a special celebration at the stroke of midnight.

Join us for a toast of sparkling wine or cider after class, and step out into 2018 clear and purposeful!

Class goes from 10:30p.m. on to 12:30 a.m.

$25 non-members

$20 members

Date: Starts January 1st

Time: Weekly meetings, times vary.

Sometimes, we just need a little push, permission, and some tools to get there. This January, start your year off learning how to:

Get real and present to what is happening in your life right now.
Be, know and do you.
Slay your dragons.
Give us 30 days, we'll give you, yourself.

Course cost is $100 and includes: 4 weekly meetings, study materials, and a 30 minute individual coaching session during our 30 days together.

Additionally included are 30 days unlimited yoga in January for non-members or a meditation cushion for existing members.

Space is limited to 30 participants.

Meeting dates:

Monday 1/1/18 7:30pm

Monday 1/8/18 7:30pm

Wednesday 1/24/18 7:30pm

Wednesday 1/31/18 7:30pm