Ready to get Real Authentic and Wild on your mat and in your life?

This is your space. 

Come and be in inquiry, play, and exploration with us as we dive deep into the practice, our yoga lineage, the eight limbed path, energy, chakras and most importantly —


This training is designed to do more than just teach you how to teach yoga. In this training will help you to learn about yourself, the way you see the world and the way you show up in it. We'll offer you leadership training, personal and teaching coaching and support, and real life tools to assist you in accessing the best version of yourself both on and off the mat.

Come experience your RAWness with us.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the training, students will:

  • Meet the requirements of the Yoga Alliance for their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification.

  • Be able to teach a complete Power Vinyasa class to a group of students.

  • Know how to create a safe space for all bodies to have an empowered experience in the practice of yoga.

  • Authentically and respectfully share the teachings that have been passed down to us through our lineages with others.

  • Articulate their yoga lineage.

  • Authentically share insight, teaching, and learning from our training and texts with others.

  • Be able to identify habits, attitudes and beliefs that are creating blocks or obstacles to their success and happiness, and use and identify practices that will lead to desired change in their lives.

  • Be able to articulate what being RAW means to them.

Cost & Dates

$3,200 Early Bird pricing

$3,500 after June 1st

$3,600 payment plan (deposit + 6 installments)


  • Weekend 1: August 17th-19th 
  • Weekend 2: August 31st- Sep 2nd
  • Weekend 3: Sep 14-16
  • Weekend 4: Sep 28-30
  • Weekend 5: Oct 12-14th
  • Weekend 6: Oct 26-28* 


Friday 6pm-10pm

Saturday 8am-6pm

Sunday 8am-4pm

Final Session:

*Group Retreat, Friday 12pm- Sunday 12pm


Registration & Contact Information

Register here and send application and any questions to:

                    Michelle Sweezey: